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Outdoor Trainig When Mary Jane Williams, a hiker and runner from Redondo Beach, CA, spent three days at a Scottsdale resort recently attending a professional seminar, she was reluctant to give up her physical routine. Yet she didn't know where to hike and she wasn't sure which areas were safe. Ideally, she wanted to hook up with a fellow hiker.

"That's exactly the sort of service we provide, especially for out-of-town visitors," says Michael Anderson, owner of Anderson Training in Phoenix.

"We'll pick up the clients, hike with them on terrain suitable for their level of ability, and return them to their hotel. We'll even supply the water."

Clients are typically taken to Squaw Peak, Camelback or South Mountain, where trails are interesting and views of the city are often spectacular. A certified personal trainer leads all hikes.

"It's a great way for visitors to see some of the area, have fun and exercise, all at the same time," says Anderson.

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Michael Anderson was recently featured in an article in The Arizona Republic.

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Anderson Training is great at keeping the workouts fun and challenging. I can see a difference in the way my body looks, and feels.

- M.S.,Scottsdale,28 yrs old


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